March Craft Reserve Featuring: Dylan DiLecce


 There may be many beer Instagrammers, but there is only one @oakyflavours. As the man behind the moniker, Dylan DiLecce has been taking beer photos and posting reviews for two years now. While he is in software sales by profession, one of his side passions has always been trying new beers, new breweries, and new experiences. His favourite beer types are New England IPAs, dry-hopped sours, and barrel-aged stouts. If you haven’t been following beer trends, Dylan will be the first to tell you that New England IPAs have well-cemented themselves as the staple hyped beer for some of the world’s best breweries. Very hazy, tropical, juicy, and a smooth finish, they’re one of his staple beers. But they’re also heavy, and when summer comes, there is nothing that quenches thirst better than a dry-hopped sour. And while they might be heavy and rich, he can always find time for a great barrel-aged stout.

What do you love most about Craft Beer?

 The creativity of the craft beer industry keeps things interesting, but it also means there are always new beers and styles to learn about and enjoy. Waiting in a line for a new release, or trading your way to a beer you’ve been waiting to try for months definitely makes having a beer a different experience. Having a Neapolitan milkshake IPA for the first time is one thing, but having it with friends, laughing at the ludicrousness of it all is another. Enjoying great beers and celebrating the ever-iterating craft is one thing, but enjoying them with friends is the real reason to raise a pint!